Even if the organizers took reasonable precautions, unforeseen accidents can occur. Knowing this fact, you attend the rally at your own risk.

New procedures for the spectators

Since the events of 9-11 2001, many changes have affected everything related to insurances and risk management. Canadian rally sport, having not escaped these changes, is forced to increase stage security and safety in order to meet insurance company’s requirements. The Canadian Association of Rally Sport had to create a safety plan which must apply to all rally events in Canada.

With the new standards imposing perfect control of all spectators along timed stages, it became impossible for our organization (taking into account its financial and human resources) to ensure adequate safety in all locations of a special stage.


During the presentation of the special stages, we ask that you respect all the safety instructions, particularly the ones prohibiting spectators to place themselves at certain areas. Keep a good distance from the road to be certain that a vehicle in loss of control cannot reach you. Stay courteous with the marshals in charge of safety. The people assuring your safety are volunteers. The coordination center of the rally will be in radio communication with all the marshals on site. If they judge that part of the crowd does not behave in a safe way, the course clerk will order the cancellation of the special stage in question. We know that you are responsible rally fans and that you will help us present the best show possible.

Rally organizers can’t think of every detail concerning the safety of your children. Even though rally drivers are highly qualified drivers, mechanical failure could occur at any moment causing loss of control. PLEASE keep an eye (preferably both of them) on your children at all times.


When attending a rally stage, spectators usually stand on someone’s private property. These property owners generously accept that their land be walked on by many spectators. We count on your politeness and good judgment to protect the physical integrity of all objects like trees, shrubs, traffic signs or other. We do our very best that the owners of the land and/or objects found on them are satisfied of the behavior of crowd. Therefore, we invite you to collect all your garbage before you leave from all spectator sites and hand them to the volunteers that have garbage bags in their possession.