Spectators Schedule

Where to go to follow the rally?

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Day 1 – Friday, September 6th
Departure from Montpellier

There are a total of 7 stages on Friday September 6th with 2 passes in the Club des Douze stage ( 1 + 2 ), 3 passes in the evening in the spectator stage in the Lirette Quarry stage ( 3 + 5 + 7 ) with in between 2 passes in the St-Émile stage ( 2 + 4 ).

9:00am to 12:00pm

Mechanical Inspection
Garage Mécanique Avantage
52, rue Principale RR 1, Montpellier, QC

Come see the car pass the mechanical inspection and meet some drivers and co-drivers.


Montpellier municipal property

 4 rue du Bosquet

Montpellier, J0V 1M0

Come see the drivers meeting and get to see teams head out to the first stage . Come back to this spot to see the mechanics repair the rallye cars during the services.


Spectator Zone #1 – Club des Douze
CLUB DES 12 (1+2)

This stage is the Lac des Plages stage from past years link to another new Club des Douze stage for a total of 24km. It is situated north of the town of Lac-des-Plages. From Montpellier, take the 315 road towards Chénéville and continue till the jonction of the 323 north towards Lac de Plages. At Lac des Plages, pass in front of Town Hall and turn right further down on Sioui Road. You’ll arrive at the end of the stage and if you can manage to be there 1 hour before the start you’ll be able to get in a spectator zone situated at 5km in the stage.


Spectator Zone #2 - Carrière Lirette NOKIAN TYRE
284, chemin Tour-du-Lac
Lac-Simon (Québec) J0V 1E0

Don’t miss out on this stage in a quarry with a view on almost all of the stage. Ther will be animation, food, drinks and beer on sale. Our partners will also be on site. Get in the VIP Zone ( extra charge ) with buffet and exclusive spectator view.

From Montpellier, follow the 315 towards Chénéville and turn left on Chemin Tour du Lac in 10km. After 1km, turn right at the Lirette Quarry and follow the instructions for parking.

ST-ÉMILE (4+6)
From Montpellier, follow the 315 till the Rang des Italiens ( approx 20 km ). Turn left and continue till the start of the stage.

Day 2 - Saturday September 7th
Saturday : Departure from Montpellier

Saturday : There will be 14 stages on Saturday, Sept. 7th going through
Montpellier - Duhamel - Ripon - St Sixte - Mulgrave-Derry


Day 2 of Défi start with the stage S.S. 8 GRANITE.
Spectator Zone #3
Crique à la Roche

Crique à la Roche (8+10)
The stage Crique à la Roche will quickly wake up competitors and will set the pace fir the second day. The spectator zone ( a T shape intersection ) is situated at 1.5km via la Montée Lafontaine followed by the Turpin Road which bypasses Montpellier on the west side.

To access the spectator zone for Elmitt-Chevreuil, take the 315 north from Montpellier and turn left on Chemin de la Baie de l’Ours. In 15,5 km, take the path on your right to get to the spectator zone. You will have to walk for 250m to get to the spectator zone. At this point, you are also at less than 400m from the end of the stage, therefore, you’ll be able to see the start and/or the end easily.


Spectator Zone #4

2 stages on asphalt: Saturday afternoon in Montpellier!

The residents of Montpellier have had their money's worth over the last few years and all the spectators appreciate the show they've seen. It's become part of the heart and soul of Rallye Défi, you don't want to miss it! It consists of 4.34km of gravel and asphalt through the city. A very technical and exceptional part of the rally!

Animation, food, drinks and beer on sale. Get access to the VIP zone ( extra charge ) with lunch and VIP spectator zones.

Municipal councillors and specially the local residents make the presentation of these 2 stages possible. You can get access on Rang Robinson by following the 317 south at less than 1 km of the Saint-Sixte municipality. You’ll be situated at the end of the stage and the show is interesting. You can also get access to the start of the stage by turning on Montée Labelle, from the 317 between Ripon and Saint-Sixte.

The spectator zone is situated at less than 1km from the end of the stage. You’ll be able to see the competitors is full action on at least 800m through 2 ninety degree tight turns. To get there, take 317 south for 2km and follow the Varin road. It’s the start of the stage. To get at the end of the stage, continue on 317 south for 5,5km and turn right and right again on Dambremont till the end of the stage. A quick walk and you’ll be there.

WARNING : For the past 3 years, organizers have received my complaints for residents concerning the cleanliness of the properties after the event. PLEASE help us keep this beautiful stage.

No spectator zones


Spectator Zone #5
JARNAC (16+20)

Since 2007, competitors love this stage. Jarnac has been used in the 70’s when the rallye was the Critérium of Quebec. Municipal councillors of Ripon allows this superb stage to be the ‘’plat of resistance’’. A parking for spectators is situated on the corner of the 315 and the Montagne-Noire road. Spectators will be able to walk to see the end of this 6.65km stage. A must see.
Beer sold on site.

6:30pm to 9pm

Podium and Banquet TOURISME OUTAOUAIS - Ripon

Ripon community centre and adjoining baseball field

31 rue Coursol
Ripon, J0V 1VO

Come celebrate with the competitors and find out who will be on the podium for Rallye Défi 2017.

Attend the banquet where there will be beer, wine and dinner. Tickets sold ($30)at the event and by paypal in the VIP options at
( http://rallyedefi.com/pages/vip_en.html ).

The best banquet of the Canadian Rallye Championship according to the competitors and their teams.

Have a great Rallye Défi !

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