"Rallye Défi" needs you!

To all fans of motor sport, 2015 "Rallye Défi" is asking for your support. We need responsible people to provide security in stages. You will be informed in advance of the tasks and responsibilities assigned to you. Let us know your availability, even if you only have 3 or 4 hours to spend with us.

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What is all about?

The rally takes place on roads closed to traffic and we need volunteer workers:

  1. to control access either at departure or arrival, or intersections in stages. These volunteer must ensure complete sealing of the special stages and control access to the officials and competitors.
  2. to ensure safety in the spectator areas.

    Since January 2002, CARS and his insurer forced organizers to concentrate the spectators in the "spectator areas." The Rallye Défi is no exception to the rule.

    On Friday, we will have two (2) spectator areas accessible.

    These "spectator areas" are completely safe, avoid the spectators parking problems, long walks to find the right places and the return that this often in the dark.

  3. to inform and lead the spectators in the stages.
  4. to welcome and inform the spectators at the service of Montpellier Saturday, 10:30 am to 1 pm;

The organisation the "Rallye Défi" has made great efforts to bring back the show entirely in Montpellier on Friday. However, it is IMPOSSIBLE to present spectators stages to fans if they dont do an effort to block at least one entry in a stage. This is an exciting way to attend the "Défi" while giving a hand to the organization!